Ubuntu” is an African word meaning “Utopia” or “well-being for all.”

The Ubuntu model is “contributionism.”  Everyone contributes and everyone receives all they need.

The torus was used by Tessla to create free energy.  This same torus can be used to create flowing resources.

Clifford-torusEver expanding distribution of resources,

Multiplying and Replenishing like all of nature.

It’s the law of united prosperity.

It’s natural for everything to multiply and replenish, like seeds in an apple have the natural disposition to create an orchard, with exponential fruit and an orchard within each apple.

With this same method, there is enough wealth for everyone in every community to have exponential wealth.

The “One Door” into the torus of prosperity is contributionism.

The door is locked at this time.

Who locked it?

The bankers, the very few elite, who stockpile all the “apple seeds” for themselves and withhold them from the rest of mankind.

Let’s show them that are rich in this world that they would be happier if they didn’t trust in their riches, but in Nature’s God who wants to provide for all of us richly, and who multiplies and replenishes all things for our global well-being.  And let’s help them to see that that by doing good, and by being rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate, rather than taking it upon themselves to decide who lives, who dies, who is rich and who is poor, for their own well-being.  Then they can be a blessing instead of a curse on planet earth.

Let’s show them the way.  Let’s set an example for the bankers, through our contributionism and sacred equanomics in our small, grass-roots communities.  This will change the system from the ground up and they will see the true harmony and balance of pure united prosperity that flows effortlessly from nature in an ever-expanding torus.

The elite brought nothing to this world and it is certain they will carry nothing out with them when they leave this earth, but after having enough food, shelter, clothing, transportation, education and recreation, let them allow and assist the constant, uninhibited flow of resources to all people.  Just as every cell must have oxygen, every person must have the same support system that the rich are now enjoying in order to have global well-being.

When you replace the “love of money” with the “money of love,” this is the “highest universal basis of ongoing management.”  Money is not evil.  Guns are not evil.  Cars are not evil.  It’s the responsible management of these resources that truly matters.  We say “ongoing management” as opposed to short-sighted management that doesn’t plan for sustainable and responsible growth.  We can all work together for the common good and have more than money ever brought to us.



We challenge the rich and the poor alike to enter the “One Door” to “abundance for all” through contibutionism.  Give what you have, your time, your talents, your gifts, to the community to receive exponential well-being in return.

To learn more about the Ubuntu vision and our vision for moneyless communities see Ubuntu Workshop.