Get Involved

Here are a few first steps for getting involved.

Step 1- Join - FREE!




Step 2- Join the Leadership Hub

$30 a month

Attend the Well-Being Workshops


Step 3- Virtual Community Building.  Train online together. 

a- Jump in to the online discussion!

b- Get familiar with the UbuntuHub-Om, and Equanomics.

c- Get familiar with the Well-Being Workshops.


Step 4- Contribute 3 hours a week to your local Hub. 

a- Become an admin for the online discussion!

b- Share workshops in your local area.
"Munch and Learn": Show provided videos and host discussions before and after.  


Step 5- Create a meet up.

a- Schedule a meetup in your local area.

b- Find a restaurant where you can meet that is willing to serve lots of healthy appetizers and drinks for $10 per person.

b- Click here to create your own flyers. Fill in your time and location.  


Step 6- Gather people.

a- Gather the people in your local area who are listed on 
Ubuntu Planet, Transition Network,, and ThriveMovement.  

b- Earn $10 for each person who paid to attend. 

c- Earn $20 for enrolling new leaders into the Hub-Om Leadership Hub.


Step 7- Experience well-being!

a- Serve your fellow man without concern for income.

b- Enjoy support for all 7 levels of well-being.