6 – Community


6. Community

Intentional Design

Hub-Om is dedicated to support the transition of our society towards a truly functional global well-being. We are quickly moving away from a culture of mindless consumerism to a culture of conscious creation.

Stand and be part of the leadership!  

Africans call it "Ubuntu".

Christians call it "the millennium".  

Jews call it "Zion."  In fact, almost every culture has some form of "Zion" that they look forward to.  

This belief keeps hope alive when life is difficult.

To support each of the Seven Levels of Well-Being we must design a local facility in which each program functions.  This will provide a "hub" for the this new society to function and thrive.  This hub might be created using buildings that already exist.  This hub might work within existing programs such as churches, corporations or community centers. This hub may be designed and newly built.  It might even be possible for all seven to function in the same building.  We stress the inclusion of all levels of ability, with wheelchair accessibility a high priority for all designs.  


Invite us to bring Hub-Om Workshops to your circle,
your church, your gym, your school or your workplace.

This is an example of the flyers we provide for your event.

To design a high-energy eco-city that brings well-being to all, we must start with well-being as the first consideration rather than the last.  


QUESTION: Would you like to live in an eco-city designed for well-being? 

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  1. I believe that we all need a degree of faith. We do impact our environment for good or bad and I think God knew that when he created us and that is why the earth system is often self-correcting. Someone could argue that our mere presence is polluting. I believe that as we become more educated and develop new technologies we often understand the downsides of what we once thought was pollution-free or sustainable is neither.

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