1- Survival


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1. Survival

Survival Skills - In the 1900's, when everyone owned land, produced their own basic needs, milked their own cow, raised their own garden, and a box of strawberries could be traded for a pair of shoes, American's were strong, independent survivors.  This country became the strongest of all countries in the world.  In the present age all basic survival skills have been lost. Our captors brought us into slavery by offering us a life free from labor.  We don't have to milk the cow anymore.  Instead we have to buy it.  Thus the transition of Americans into captivity.

The New American - The new plan offers us everything we need as long as we work full-time to support their economic system.  So, the strong and free farmers, who once were masters of their own destiny are now a thing of the past. Their children were lured away from the self-sustaining lifestyle of rural living into the cities where they could be "educated" and re-directed into a support role for their agenda. 

Freedom - The land of the free and home of the brave was predicated upon the individual who could sustain himself and his family from the bountiful free harvest of Mother Earth.  He built a modest cabin and farmed, hunted and gathered all that he needed.  But now the country is under siege without anyone even noticing.  

Slavery - For the past 50 years a global economy has forced us to buy and sell through established supply chains that controlled the flow of all things.  This bottle neck creates the "have's" and the "have nots".  More than 30 million men, women and children are kept in slavery to make the economy work.  The rest of us feel like slaves on some levels as we have no choice but to work or we will not survive in this new economy.  

Money - Money is a relatively new system that creates an artificial barrier between us and the things we need for survival.  All lands have been usurped and held at a price.  We are forced to pay to live anywhere on planet earth.  The abundant harvest from Mother Earth who sustains all creation has been hi-jacked and is being sold back to us at a great price: our freedom.

Survival Mode is that familiar place where so much of our time and energy consumed by paying bills and putting food on the table with money.  In survival mode we have little time or energy left to develop our life purpose.  Is it possible that "the powers that be" have deliberately set up our lifestyle in such a way that would keep us all treading water?  If so, why?  

Treading Water - When you are in deep water, treading to stay afloat, can you help others?  Can you stand up against injustice?  Can you come up with innovative solutions for world hunger and then implement them?  So being trapped in the state of "survival mode" is the perfect way to control huge populations of people with little or no effort.  Could that be the reason why world dominating powers set it up this way?

Alternative Economy - The real solution is to boycott any system that prevents our fullest potential. Don't allow yourself to be lured in to become part of anything that attempts to control what you have been put on this earth to share.  

Technology is making it possible to create an alternative economy through direct contact with the producers of the world.  

People's Bank - We must have a bank that is owned by the people, that is transparent and limits investing to companies or products that bring us closer to our ultimate goal of world peace, a restored earth and abundance for all.  This would be a first step towards an eradication of poverty.

Resources - The present economic system puts the survival of the planet in great jeopardy and keeps us on a course towards human extinction by squandering our finite resources.  

Producers, Not Consumers - We must live from the bountiful harvest of the earth and produce our own life sustaining products.  The systematic stripping of the earth is rooted in our loss of the basic skills to sustain ourselves.  Even cavemen had better life sustaining skills than we, the educated population of the earth, who can't even feed ourselves anymore without help from the local grocery store.

Crowd Funding - "We, the people" can do fantastic things through an "Alternative Economy."  With crowd funding, "the little guy" supports "the little guy" by purchasing an invention before it is ready to go to market.  We each become the investor to eliminate the need for a "shark" to invest and take control of the flow of "the little guy's" creativity and passion.  Whenever possible, participate in crowd funding projects to help "the little guy" retain control of their efforts.

Direct Sales - Buying direct from the farmer or the manufacturer creates an Alternative Economy that bypasses or even boycotts the corrupted industries that are providing unhealthy foods, destroying the soil, or producing cheap products with built-in obsolescence.  Whenever possible buy direct from the product creator.

Preparedness - "Survival" includes our preparation for survival in the event of disaster or emergencies that may arise.  This preparation includes food storage, food production, sanitation and other temporary or long-term life-sustaining skills.  

Cooperation - If you focus on making plans to save yourself you lose the incredibly powerful assets that come with being part of something larger than yourself.  The power in numbers, the power of human ingenuity, the power of love, and the power of unity are the strongest forces in the universe. To keep us trapped we have been tricked and manipulated into believing that the greatest force in the universe is money.  In truth the greatest force is human ingenuity and cooperation.

Potential - Money is an artificial barrier that prevents each individual around the world from receiving what they need to reach their fullest potential.  Why would anyone want to prevent Earth's population from reaching fullest potential?  Don't we all benefit as one individual produces new and exciting ideas and innovations?  Of course we do!  The only ones who are threatened by our greatness are those who profit by our weakness.

Prophecy - The Bible refers to today's economic system as "Babylon."  In the book of Revelation, Babylon is prophesied to be destroyed in "one hour."  Prophecies warn us to  "Come out of Babylon that ye receive not of her plagues." Rev. 19:4

Hub-Om - For this reason the stated goal of Hub-Om is to creating an Alternative Economy that seeks to elevate the planet above "survival mode."  We can do that by joining together, shoulder to shoulder, to make a human bridge that reaches to the edge of the water.  From there we call pull everyone onto firm ground in one strong pull inland.  


QUESTION: Is the use of money a good idea or bad
when designing well-being for everyone?

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